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Posted Sunday 31/12/2017 by Stock Brokers Near Me
If you are looking for the best Online Trading Platform for your needs, take a look at our Top 12 Online Trading Platforms for 2018.
Posted Friday 05/01/2018 by Stock Brokers Near Me
Here is a great video we found on Youtube. The video is titled 'The 7 Golden Rules of Day Traders' and contains some great no non sense information for both new and experienced traders. The video details how you:
#1: Don't add to a losing position
#2: Cut losses fast
#3: Never re-buy a winner without a good reason
#4: Never hold a stock overnight when there's an earnings or FDA decision the next day
#5: Never short strong stocks before 1pm
#6: Never trade out of boredom
#7: Scale out of winning positions
to be a more successful trader.
This is an excellent video and certainly worth watching.
Posted Sunday 31/12/2017 by Stock Brokers Near Me
Full credits for video go to Bulls on Wall Street.
Is Trading Stocks As Hard As It's Made Out To Be?
A new trader will often ask this question and the answer is NO. Trade smart and you will be successful. 5 years ago i was asked to pick 4 companies for a friend to invest £140K into. I researched for approx 3 months and concluded the companies i will advise are Apple, Amazon, Ebay and Samsung. He invested £75k into Apple which today is worth £175K, he invested £30K which today is worth £120K and he put £35K into Samsung which today is worth around £60K. So that makes his total investment of £140K worth approx £355K. The companies i chose took only a little more than common sense to choose!

Posted Friday 05/01/2018 by Simon at Stockbrokers Near Me
Watch how 18 year old Erik Finman hit the jackpot when he invested in Bitcoin and left high school to start his own business.

Posted Sunday 31/12/2017 by Stock Brokers Near Me
Full credits for video go to Buzz Feed News.
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