If you are searching 'Stock Brokers Near Me' and you are in the UK, you have found the right site. We are regarded by many as the UK's number 1 stock brokers website. We offer you all the help you will need regarding stock brokers in the UK. We can help you find stock brokers in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds. As well as offering you the most in depth list of stock brokers in your area we give you tons of information on stock brokers in the UK, see below for a complete list of areas we cover. We are in no way stocks and shares experts and we stress that all information on our site is for educational purposes, if you require professional advice, do contact a professional listed on our site.


Stock Brokers Near Me UK

There are hundreds of stock brokers in the UK, finding the right one for you can be quite a task. Many people use the internet to invest in stocks, many have had bad experiences with online stock brokers and simply choose to deal face to face or over the phone with a real person. This is why we help many people every single day of the week make contact with a stock broker near to the area they live. Dealing with a real life reputable stock broker and not a computer program is in our opinion the way to go. Take a look at our top 12 Best Online Trading Platform page.

We are regarded by many as the Number 1 go to when trawling the internet for Stock Brokers Near Me in many cities across the UK.
Stock Brokers Near Me

We help people in the following areas find reputable Stock Brokers. Click on the area you require a stock broker for full details of stock brokers in the selected area. We currently cover 10 major cities in the UK, we do basic online research including reading reviews on other sites for every stock broker that we list on our site. We are in now way associated with any of the brokers listed on our site.

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Types of Stock Brokers Near Me

Full Service Stock Broker
There are two types of stock broker, a Full Service stock Broker offers a more in depth service. In fact, a full service stock broker offers a much more personal service and contact is often face to face or over the phone, they give you advice based on your taxes and your future plans and even retirement plans, they will also execute trades on your behalf. A Full service stockbroker may be more suitable if you don't have much spare time, they can effectively act as your eyes and ears whilst you get on with your life. So basically if you want help and advice with what to do with your money and you prefer to deal with a person (which can be much more educational) rather than computer software and you don't mind paying higher fees for the privileges, a full service stock broker is the way to go. To find local stock brokers near you click the area that you live above.

Discount Stock Broker
Discount Stock Brokers are obviously much cheaper to use and offer a much more basic service, a discount  stock brokering service is not as personal as you will not get any personal advice, consultations or over the phone advice. Discount Stock Brokers are internet based and are basically used to execute trades only. Most new traders that want to trade actively choose to go with a discount stock broker. If you want more information on online discount stock brokers click the link.

How to decide which type of broker to use
Most people choose a discount stock broker because of the lower brokering fees. If the cost of executing a trade is your most important factor you will more than likely choose an online discount broker. If your most important factor is the level of service you receive and if you are looking for advice on each trade you plan on executing, a full service stock broker is more than likely the route you will take.

Benefits of using a Full Service Stock Broker
  • A more personal service where you deal with a real person
  • You can plan for your future including retirement plans
  • Great if you don't have much spare time on your hands
  • You get help and advice on all aspects of trading
  • Will Execute a trade on your behalf
Full Service Stock Broker Near Me
Find a Full Service Stock Broker in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds by clicking the area you require a stock broker from the list of areas further up this page.
Benefits of using a Discount Stock Broker
  • Online use only
  • Cheap rates per trade executed on their platform
  • Suitable if you have plenty of time to work the stock market
Stock Brokers Near Me in The UK
Read about our Top 10 Online Brokers including reviews and information on their online platforms, fees that they charge and more.

Stock Brokers Near Me Information

If you are searching the internet for 'Stock Brokers Near Me', you will no doubt find many of them. Before deciding which stock broker to go with, one question you should ask yourself and a very important one too is 'Am i using a trustworthy stock broker?'. There are the obvious ways to check the reputation of a stock broker such as searching online for reviews and looking on forums to see what people are saying about the stock broker in question. Stock Brokers in the UK are regulated by the FCA and they must hold a specific qualification to be able to trade. Two of the qualifications they can hold CISI Level 4 Diploma in Investment Advice or CISI Level 7 Diploma in Wealth Management according to Wikipedia Stockbroker Information page.

Here is a video that explains Day Trading Strategies. This in our opinion is a very good informative video that can be used by all.

Below you can view the top 10 Risers in the London Stock Exchange
You can use the charts below to study the top 10 risers and fallers although the main purpose of our site is to help people find stock brokers near to the area they work or live we still think it relevant to include them on our pages. For more in depth charts and stocks and shares data you should take a look at the London Stock Exchange website.
Below you can view the top 10 Fallers on the London Stock Exchange
How To Choose A Stock Broker Near Me
Choosing a stock broker near you shouldn't be to complicated. You should always be sure that any stock broker or brokerage that you do business with is regulated and that they have a good reputation and track record. Nothing could be worse in this game than investing thousands of pounds only to find out your broker has done a moonlight flit, Wolf of Wall Street comes to mind.

Many people are opting to use discount brokers to keep the fees for their trades down to a minimum, it seems like it has become the trend in recent years. Do bear in mind before you choose to use an online broker that there is a crazy statistic knocking about the internet that 90% of new traders that opt for discount stock brokers fail fairly fast. The help and advice offered by a reputable real life stock broker can be invaluable. You should also be aware that many stock brokers in the UK have a minimum amount that you can invest, usually they will expect you to open an account with them with an initial deposit of anything from £100 up to £100'000 and beyond. The fees a stock broker near you can differ from broker to broker. In layman's terms, make sure you get as much as you can for your money from a reputable stock broker or brokerage with a proven background.

Many stock brokers only deal with Forex and many only deal with OTC, many deal with all aspects of trading. You can view what each of the listed stock brokers on our site cover by clicking your nearest city from the list of cities we cover above.
Independent Stock Broker or Brokerage Near Me
Stock Brokers or Stock Brokerage Near Me

When searching 'stock brokers near me', you should be aware that there are a couple of ways that stock brokers can operate. They can work for a brokerage or they can be independent. It is in many cases easier to check the background of a brokerage, as they are a company and will more than likely be spoken about on blogs and forums. To check the back ground of an independent stock broker near you, you may have to do a little more digging. The fees both independent stock brokers and brokerages charge are similar in that you will find both that will have a minimum of £100 per trade and you will also find both that will have a minimum trade of £100'000. To summaries, there is not really much difference in choosing between an independent broker or a brokerage, some of the best trades ever have been executed by brokerages and some of the best trades ever have also been executed by independent stock brokers

Stock Brokers Near Me Tips

Here are our 6 best tips for people who choose to use a Discount Stock Broker

  • Be open minded, do not think there is just one way to make money on the stock market, many people seem to think that buying low and selling high is the only way on the stock market. You need to understand that there is more than that, there is Forex, Commodities, Short Selling and Options. With options there are so many ways to trade, option spreads, iron condors, butterfly and calendars.

  • Be very sceptical about what you read in the news. The news and media can be used to get insights, it also can be and is used to make you buy into what they are selling. Just because a certain successful trader is in the news saying a certain stock is rising, doesn't mean it actually will. This isn't always the case but history proves this is common. Using the news and media isn't the way consistently successful traders operate.

  • Start Small, master all aspects of trading before investing substantial amounts of money into large amounts of stocks and shares. If you start with just a few shares and you lose it all, it isn't the end of the world and if you start trading small amounts you can more easily create a system without the consequence of financial disaster.

  • Create Your Own System, there are many systems used and even marketed by companies. A system used by one man, may not work for another depending upon personal circumstances. The system you create should be tailor made for you. You can always seek help and from Full Service Stock Brokers Near You for more information on creating a successful system.

  • Study Long Charts, many people new to trading only look at the 15 and 30 minute charts. If you look at the daily or even weekly charts you have a much better chance of spotting a trend.

  • Use A Reputable Full Service Broker. If you are going to use a full service broker, be sure they are registered with the FCA and be sure they have a good reputation in their field.